Planning the Planner


Hi, I’m Matt Meyers, co-Founder of Slate & Tablets. My brother Brian and I make iOS applications for education. We’re excited to reveal our new blog and product, Planner

Planner is a template for a digital teacher and student planbook designed for iOS.  It is unique because it will be customized for each individual school’s schedule, calendar, and needs. Obtaining one is easy, and while it’s not available for general order just yet, we encourage early inquiries for schools looking to be first in line.


We are about to enter our internal testing stage during which I will use our Planner exclusively at school. I will be blogging about my experience using a digital planner and revealing a few features as we go.

Afterwards, we’ll put the finishing touches on the interface and plan on conducting a Beta test at our partner school in late May/Early June.

Planner, by Slate & Tablets will become available for general order sometime this summer. We’ll provide more details in the coming months about how to go about ordering one.  


We’re proud to announce our partnership with Greenwich High School, which will be the first school in the world to use one of our customized planners and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s probably a good demonstration of the usability of the program too – the GHS class schedule is a nightmare to understand, and even after two and a half years of working there I still feel like someone trying to read the Matrix. All kidding aside, we’re honored to be associated with one of the country’s premier districts, and I personally can’t wait to see 90 students walk into my classes with this program on their phones next year.


The last thing for today revolves around this Blog. In addition to writing about the experience of using Planner, we will be using this space for student showcases, photo submissions, and other announcements. We may even take a crack or two at highlighting apps we think are extraordinary in their educational value. We’ll have an area for reader submissions and photos up soon, but we read every email we get.