Spotlight Design Blog #2: It’s Not Just An App

A few months ago, we talked about our new app, Spotlight, and how it allows schools to access the roots of social media with none of the negative side effects commonly associated with Facebook and Twitter. Since then, we’ve debuted the app at the National School Boards Association Conference, we’ve signed several new schools and organizations to put the app to use, and we’re satisfied with how the launch is going.

But Slate & Tablets is not just about making great technology to plop into a school and leave there. That’s what every other ed tech company does, and it doesn’t do any good. Since our inception, we’ve been about providing an unparalleled experience to schools that goes beyond just an app. With Planner, we provide a highly customized digital identity and experience for our clients. With Spotlight, we’re pleased to announce that not only will we create a private community for each school, but we’ll also run a free professional development session on social media best practices and how to use Spotlight to begin community building. pd

The rationale behind this is twofold. First, we want to be helpful. Plain and simple. We didn’t start this company to be the hidden tech company sitting in the office somewhere. We want to get into schools, interact with you, and help your staff grow. Do we get to do that by deploying a product and letting it do its job? Absolutely, but we understand that teaching is a human profession, and we want to make the people involved with it better for using our product too. Secondly, we have some pretty awesome partners, and they’re already doing outstanding events in schools. When brainstorming someways to work together, we figured that this was a way to make everybody win: allow our partners to do their magic in a school and let us train the staff on Spotlight to document it.

Interesting in learning more about these sessions and our new PD partners? We’ll be unveiling them at ISTE. See you there!