Every moment, every triumph.
An exclusive community building tool.

Real-Time Digest

Spotlight is a real-time digest of everything happening in your school.


Approved editors, such as your staff members, take 25 seconds to post memorable moments to Spotlight.


These moments are then published only to community members who have your school's unique PIN.

Photo Sharing

These moments can be saved for access later, creating a chronicle of a whole year.

Aggregated Social Media

Spotlight also aggregates all of your school's social media feeds into one convenient window.


At only $500 per school, you're a bake sale away from building an online community with Spotlight.

Project Details

School communications are inefficient and disorganized. Spotlight is an all-in-one communications platform that reinvents how schools reach out to their communities. Now the pro-active parent, the extended family living around the world, and even friends and support networks can all be included in a student's academic experience. With Spotlight you will never miss an important school update again!

Interested in a free demo of Spotlight? Go to www.slate-tablets.com/spotlight and see how we use it to keep our friends and fans informed about the latest at Slate & Tablets. Register for a new account and login using the PIN "banjo".

Interested in learning more or setting up a version of Spotlight for your school or organization? Send us an email: hello@slate-tablets.com.

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