Replace your school's paper agenda with Planner, a time management and organization tool built around your school's unique schedule and needs.

It's Your Planner

A replacement for the traditional agenda book with all of the beautiful color coordination, simple organization, and data visualization you'd expect from our products.


Since the app is built around your school's schedule, you'll always know where to go, what to do next, and with our unique week at a glance view, you can keep track of it all for the whole week.


Teachers using an iPad will gain access to our Gradebook. Assignments can be automatically added to this section, where student grades can be managed.


Teachers can take daily attendance on their iPhone or iPad with ease. The data is sent straight to the Gradebook, where it can be monitored, analyzed, or dispersed to your school's data system.

Data Visualization

Planner visualizes your student data like no other program. Tapping on a particular student pulls up a progress report that can be shared with anyone via email.

Save Money

The average sized school in the US spends $10,000 per year on paper agenda books. At only $5,000 per year, Planner not only saves your school money, but paper as well.

Project Details

Planner changes the way we organize our lives. It is used as a replacement to your ordinary school assignment book with plenty of special features and timesaving capabilities. Additionally, it has all of the connectivity and ease of it being in your pocket and available at a moment's notice. Save time, money, and paper all at once with Planner, by Slate & Tablets.

Planner is currently offered for iOS only.

Interested in test driving Planner? Download our demo version from the App Store now!

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